Leading company in Psychoneuroendocrinology

Novel Intranasal Drug Delivery of:

in Men – for treatment of Hypogonadism (Nasobol®)
in Women – for treatment of FSD/HSDD (Noseafix®)

in Women – for treatment of Depression/PMS

in Men/Women – for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease/Depression

– in a special, patented formulation (bioadhesive, sustained release, safe)
– in a special, patented unit-dose container (small, easy to use, discreet)more

psychoneuroendocrinologyMattern Pharmaceuticals was founded in Germany in 1987 and has settled in Stans/Switzerland since 1997. Mattern Pharmaceuticals is a company that has specialized in developing products administered by the nasal route. It focuses on the development of products with sustained release which have systemic effect at the same time. The application and in particular the patented formulation of the matrix used makes it possible for some molecules to pass the blood-brain barrier. Mattern Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading research companies busy in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology, considering chronobiology for its products.